terravolt was started as a hobby project by an electrical engineer who enjoys messing with all things electrical.

Working in the power generation industry since leaving school I always had a rough idea of which plants where running but not to the extent I really wanted. After moving jobs to one which involves a lot more travel around the UKs plants I had the idea that it may be possible to gather output data and display it so I knew if the site I was about to visit was “on or off.”
Initially I kept it to myself but after a few colleagues found it useful I decided to expand it’s scope into more areas and release it publicly in 2021.

It has been useful to quite a few different parties but is done as a hobby project and as such generates no income (technically negative if factoring in hours & hours of work and hosting costs!)

If it has proven useful to you to the extent you’d like to “buy me a coffee” then it would be greatly appreciated!

The other half of Terravolt revolves mostly around my smart home & IOT endeavours:

Having recently invested in 2 EV’s & a fairly large hybrid Solar & battery system at home it became apparent that although most of these devices are “smart” they are only smart with themselves.

Getting fed-up with having to use several different apps for each device I’ve begun to break them down one by one to extract useful data to use as part of a smart home system.

This site logs the results & failures along the way for anyone else that may be trying to do similar.

Kind Regards