Live Day(s) Ahead Demand & Generation Forecast :


Generation (INDGEN): Indicated Generation is the planned output from the aggregation of the PNs (Physical Notifications from Power Plants) for all units which will be exporting energy for the forecast period.

Transmission Demand (TSDF): is similar to NDF & based on historically metered generation output for Great Britain. This value INCLUDES Interconnector flows and demand from station transformers and pumped storage units.

National Demand (NDF): The amount of electricity supplied from the Grid Supply Points plus that supplied by Embedded Large Power Stations, plus GB Transmission System Losses, minus the Demand taken by Station Transformers and Pumped Storage Units’. National Demand does not include any exports from the GB Transmission System across the Interconnectors.

Margin (MELNGC): aggregates the MEL data (Maximum export power available from a Power Plant) for all plants/participants and subtracts this from the National Demand Forecast (NDF). This is reported as the Indicated Margin; the higher the margin, the greater spare capacity for that forecasted period on the system.

Imbalance (MBALNGC): Indicated Imbalance is the difference between Generation and Demand Forecast; the closer to zero means the more balanced the system will be, for that forecasted period.

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