48 Hour Demand History:

Regional Demand:

UK Power Demand by region: Helps identify how much power is being used in each area of the UK.

Please treat this data with caution. It is from the “Type G – Supplier (Base)” data stream and is essentially every negative (i.e demand) from each supplier in each a region (that is available on the BMRS system.) I still need to verify & it always appears lower than true “demand” shown elsewhere in the system suggesting something is off somewhere.

Heavy User Demand:

Please treat this data with even more caution. It lists sites I’ve noted in the system with large demands (such as Steelworks). This may not be entirely accurate as many such sites have their own power generation capabilities. It’s also relatively hard to work out which plant is behind the grid code so again use caution. The electrified rail network mostly seems to cover places in Scotland rather than the UK.

EV Public Charger Demand (Retired):

Note: This experiment has now been retired as it was far too time consuming to maintain access to several different charge companies.

This maps out the total demand from public EV Charging networks (wherever the stall occupancy map data is available.)
Updates are every half hour.

It is very much work in progress, gives a very rough result & for privacy reasons I do not reveal the individual company names (although it is technically possible to split this down outlet type if I can think of a use for it.)
PIease don’t use this for anything scientific or as the basis of some sort of energy study, it only covers a small section of the install base currently. I will add more networks to it as time allows.

There are currently ONLY 5 companies covered (although they are the bigger ones.) Each has it’s own “factoring” applied as only the charger being in use is available (not the actual charge rate.) I also cannot split out each socket very easily on some networks, therefore if it is a twin port post I assume that only one is in use at the time.

Factoring is roughly set out as follows and will likely be tweaked once I read up more on average charge curves etc:

Rapid CCS / CHAdeMO – Current charge rate assumed to be 75% of max capacity (often 75% of 50KW = 37.5KW)
Rapid AC – 43KW Points = 75% (32.25KW)
Rapid AC – 22KW Points = 50% (11KW)
Fast AC – 32A = 100% (7.0KW)
Slow AC -16A = 100% (3.6KW)
Slow AC – 13A = 80% (2.3KW)

Data Courtesy of Elexon & bmreports

Supported by National Grid ESO Open Data