Current Status:

Energy Flow:

Live Cost / Revenue:

Export to date: 9292.0 kWh @ 5p = £ 464.60

Export to date: kWh @ 15p = £

Battery Systems:

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Home Power Budgets:

System Available Power
(PV + Battery, less inverter loads):

Additional 2.5kW Peak Load System:

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Grid Connection Capacity
(Total permissible import, less grid demand)

Detailed Stats:

PV String 1:
Voltage: 332.5V
Power: 138W
Gen Today: 0.1kWh

PV String 2:
Voltage: 344.5V
Power: 156W
Gen Today: 0.1kWh

Live Grid Import(-) / Export: 170W

Imported Today: 25.4kWh
Exported Today: 0.2kWh
Imported To Date: 20771.6kWh
Exported To Date 9437.1kWh

Max allowable import/export:
18KVA / 5KW

House Load: 275W
Inverter 1 Power: 218W
Voltage: 239.5V
Temp: 24.2’C
Frequency: 49.97Hz

Inverter 2 Power: 172W
Voltage: 242.2V
Temp: 21.7’C
Frequency: 49.96Hz

Consumption: 8.8kWh

To Date:
Consumption: 27648.3kWh
PV Gen To Date: 17440.9kWh
Main Battery:
Battery Level: 80%
Battery Temp: 12’C
Power (+/-): 94W

Charge Today: 6.9kWh
Discharge Today: 1.4kWh

To Date:
Charge: 7863.9kWh
Discharge: 7863.9kWh

Water Cylinder:
Water Temp: 31.5’C
Target Temp: 55’C
Pasteurisation Temp: 60’C
Peak Battery:
Battery Level: 100%
Battery Temp: 8’C
Power (+/-): 0W

Charge Today: 3.1kWh
Discharge Today: 0.1kWh

To Date:
Charge: 3503.1kWh
Discharge: 3503.1kWh

Historic Data:

System Topology:

*String 2 Odd Behaviour Explanation:

Note: Owing to an additional DC coupled inverter on string 2 (to boost peak load capability of the Hybrid) – output shown for this string may not necessarily reflect the true output.
While this inverter is charging, output will show as lower. Likewise when discharging, output will be higher than “true” PV output.
Generally however it should be assumed that the true output of string 2 is the same as string 1 (given they are identical.)
Also, as this portion of the system is DC coupled & cannot be charged from AC, the total amount of this “stored” PV will generally lag (over a few days) but eventually balance out in the total PV generated today / to date figures once fully discharged.

It should also be noted that this strings unique setup
allows it to show as PV generation even in complete darkness!

Installed Capacity:


JA Solar

18x 340W Panels



Givenergy / Goodwe

Hybrid AC Coupled / DC Coupled

5KW / 2.5KW


Givenergy / Pylontech

LifePo4 160Ah / 50Ah

8.2 kWh / 2.4kWh (x3)

Energy Tariff

Octopus Energy / SO Energy

Intelligent Octopus: 7.5p / 39p kWh

SO Energy SEG: 5p kWh