This page maps out the total demand from public EV Charging networks (wherever the stall occupancy data is available.) Updates are every half hour.
It is very much work in progress, gives a very rough result & for privacy reasons I do not reveal the individual company names.

There are currently 4 companies covered. Each has it’s own “factoring” applied as only the charger being in use is available (not the actual charge rate.) I also cannot split out down to each socket very easily therefore if it is a twin port post I assume that only one is in use.

Factoring is roughly set out as follows and will likely be tweaked once I read up more on average charge curves etc:

Rapid CCS / CHAdeMO – Current charge rate assumed to be 75% of max capacity (often 75% of 50KW = 37.5KW)
Rapid AC – 43KW Points – As Above
Fast AC – 32A = 7.0KW; 16A = 3.6KW
Slow AC – 13A = 2.100KW